Beyond Learning

Hosur Public School

CBSE Affiliation No : 1930604

Principal's Message

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..."

- Lao Tzu

A small step taken in 2013 has led to a Senior Secondary School in 2018. The years have flown by and it is almost five years to the day and now entering into the sixth year of our school. It has been a significant journey with its peaks and valleys. When each commendation inspired us, each condemnation sent us back to the starting point to rethink and relearn. We are constantly evolving and innovating.

" Our wounds give us wisdom, our stumbling blocks become our stepping stones, and our setbacks lead us to our strengths. " Though our failures and difficulties have disheartened and overwhelmed us, yet we have emerged stronger after each struggle.

It has been a sincere endeavour at Hosur Public School to prepare students for a life time by giving them the best in education, values and understanding. The environment here is congenial and nurturing. We believe in making each one realize their potential and develop a winning edge. Small differences in performance can lead to large differences in results.

There are no shortcuts to reach the goal, we have to follow a pre-defined path which leads to success. Our second batch of Grade tenth have appeared for the Boards and are awaiting a good result. Our teachers’ have sowed proper seeds into their minds and given proper care to reap a good result.

We have started integrated coaching for Grades 6 to 12 in association with EDUSOL, an institute which prepares students for the competitive exams along with the Board exams.They don’t train students on what to think; rather, on how to think. They kindle the flame in them by taking a systemic approach to problem- solving and by developing critical thinking. Introduction of Integrated coaching is another step taken to raise the standard of our School. Such small steps taken will surely help in giving good citizens to the society.

The purpose of this diary is to make you plan and work systematically. This will make you regularize your work. Bringing this diary to the school is a must for all of you, as it will serve the purpose of an essential tool to keep the record of the instructions and home work given by the teachers.

All the rules and regulations, calendar, Annual activities, information regarding uniform and personal record etc. are given to make you aware and alert for every moment. This becomes your earnest duty to maintain it regularly and get benefited through it. This diary contains other useful information also, which you should not ignore but instead make proper use of it.

Parents, too, are requested to go through it and guide their ward for systematic and meticulous planning

With Best Wishes.



Dr. Johnson Varughese, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., B.Ed.